Janny W. Fritzen, PhD

Janny W. Fritzen, PhD
Faculty Member in Social Studies at Fulbright University Vietnam

Fields of Interest:

Dr. Fritzen studies political discourse and the history of journalism, discourses surrounding political and economic inequality, media censorship and comparative media.  


Ph.D (Communication), 2021, University of Washington, USA 

Ph.D (History, Journalism), 2013, Renmin University, People’s Republic of China 


Dr. Janny Fritzen’s research interests center on the expressions of social events and political phenomena in the media, and the intentions behind, and effects of, these representations. She has recently focused on the construction of the image of giant corporations in the contemporary U.S. political landscape. This line of research aims at promoting a grounded understanding of power structures within any society and the attempt by different actors to dominate political discourse.  

Dr. Janny Fritzen loves engaging undergraduates, graduates and executives in the classroom, and splits her appointment between undergraduate program and the Fulbright Graduate School of Public Policy and ManagementBefore coming to Fulbright, Dr. Fritzen held tenure-track Assistant Professor appointments within the communications departments of East China Normal University in Shanghai as well as the University of Oklahoma. She was also a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University and Visiting Fellow at the University of Toronto, in both cases in their departments of history. 


  • Media Effects 
  • Political Communication 
  • Public Speaking 

Select publications:  

  • Work-in-progress: “Coping with hostility: How corporations strategically counter pre-conceived narratives and renew their social license to operate.” 
  • The Images of Giant Corporations in 21st-Century American Politics (Completed at University of Washington in August 2021) 
  • [In Chinese] Wang, F. International Public Opinion on the Boxer War: 1900—1901. Shanghai: Fudan University Press. 
  • [In Chinese] Wang, F. (2012) “‘Cosmopolitan’ News, Reinvented: A Study of Comments and Interpretive News of the Qingyi Bao.” Culture and Communication (4):(26- 30) 
  • [In Chinese] Wang, F. (2010) “Re-examination of the Semantics and Concepts Surrounding the ‘News’ [Xinwen] in Ancient China.” Journal of International Communication 1: 97-102 
  • [In Chinese] Wang, F. (2009) “Rethinking Research Methodologies in Journalism History.” Contemporary Communication 6:24-26