Kevin Moore Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore
Director, Vietnam Waste Solutions

Our learning journey takes us on a field trip to Vietnam Waste Treatment Company Limited (VWS), which was established to provide waste treatment services for Vietnam.

The services the company provides include ownership, development, including technical consulting, design and construction, implementation of waste treatment as well as operation of treatment plants. Waste treatment facilities include sanitary landfills, recycling plants, sorting plants, composting areas, transfer stations and waste collection services. The company is designing and investing in additional CNG production plants for vehicles that do not pollute the environment, compost factories, and remaining waste burned to produce electricity. The company pursues a specialized strategy to provide the Vietnamese market with a total package solution, through which customers will no longer have to worry about this amount of waste. Vietnam Waste Treatment Company Limited is responsible for the design, construction and operation of Da Phuoc Waste Treatment Complex (DPIWMF).