Khun Kyaw Zayar Win

Khun Kyaw Zayar Win
Founder and CEO, MyFarmer Labs

Khun Kyaw Zayar Win, founder of MyFarmer Labs and social entrepreneur, shares his journey of building and launching an agri-tech social enterprise to support smallholder farmers. The presentation includes the challenges and innovations involved in building and scaling the enterprise, highlighting key milestones and resources. The presentation also showcases the impact of agri-tech solutions on farmers' productivity and sustainability, and provide insights into future prospects for the sector.

Khun Kyaw Zayar Win was a 2023 YSEALI Academy Fellow and a young social entrepreneur, born and raised in a smallholder farmer’s family from a rural area. With over five years of experience in the Myanmar digital landscape, he co-founded a digital marketing agency during the early stages of the country’s digital transition and successfully provided digital marketing services to local SMEs in Myanmar.

Lately, he has more than 300 farmers members within his crowd- farming community. He had been recognized for his contributions to social impact, earning a spot on the Forbes Under 30 Asia list, YSEALI Professional Fellow, Australia-ASEAN Emerging Leader Awardee and ASEAN-Japan Generation Z Business Leader. He believes that digital services and platforms are key to rapid change and to bring opportunities for underserved communities