Nguyen Thanh Thao

Nguyen Thanh Thao
Representative, Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge

Nguyen Thanh Thao is a Staff Manager at Qualcomm, where she has been instrumental in leading teams and driving initiatives for the past seven months. Previously, she served as the Senior Business Development Manager at Qualcomm for over two years, where she excelled in coaching, mentoring, and business development management.


Lecture: "Go Digital: GreenTech for Sustainable Innovation"

Thao will explore the transformative potential of digital technologies in driving sustainable innovation within the GreenTech sector. Drawing from her extensive experience in Digitech and strategic leadership, she will discuss how businesses can leverage digital solutions to enhance sustainability, improve efficiency, and foster environmentally friendly practices. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the latest trends, real-world applications, and strategic partnerships that are shaping the future of GreenTech, empowering them to innovate and lead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.