Nguyen Thi Trang, PhD

Nguyen Thi Trang, PhD
Assistant Professor, Fulbright University Vietnam

Dr. Trang Nguyen is a faculty member of Integrated Sciences at Fulbright University Vietnam. An organic chemist by training, she has a strong interest in the intrinsically interdisciplinary field “sustainability science”. Prior to joining FUV, she worked as a chemical engineer for NIKE, focusing on chemical compliance, automation, and new material testing. At FUV, Dr. Trang Nguyen teaches various courses in Chemistry, Materials Science, and Sustainability with the goals of connecting the coursework to real-world problems and inspiring students to think critically about causes and solutions.


Her session: "Green Hydrogen and Renewable Energy"

Green Hydrogen could play an important role in the green transition as a fuel, energy storage, and input material for key industries. Some experts expect that in 2050, hydrogen could contribute more than 20% of annual global emissions reductions, with Asia projected to remain the region with the largest hydrogen demand.

What are the pros and cons of hydrogen as a fuel? What are the different “colors” of hydrogen, and what is the status of green hydrogen production and usage? In this workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of hydrogen and hydrogen production, make some hydrogen ourselves, and discuss some policies and businesses regarding green hydrogen globally and in Southeast Asia.