Smashing the Second Glass Ceiling via Female Entrepreneurship

YSEALI Academy’s Mini Symposium on Female Entrepreneurship
9–10 September 2024 | Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Call for Papers

The YSEALI Academy at Fulbright University Viet Nam is pleased to announce a Mini Symposium on Smashing the Second Glass Ceiling via Female Entrepreneurship, in partnership with the Asian Development Bank. This is a platform dedicated to the exploration of the opportunities available and the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. The conference aims to shed light on the concept of the "second glass ceiling"—a complex array of barriers, which hinder the advancement of women’s entrepreneurial ventures. This encompasses challenges such as limited access to capital, gender biases in investment decisions, and exclusion from critical networks and mentorship opportunities. Societal norms and stereotypes further constrain women's entrepreneurial aspirations, perpetuating a cycle of inequality. Overcoming this barrier demands concerted efforts to address systemic biases, foster inclusive ecosystems, and provide support mechanisms tailored to women entrepreneurs. By dismantling the second glass ceiling, we can unlock the full potential of female entrepreneurship and drive innovation, economic growth, and social progress.

Papers are invited on, but not limited to, the conceptual and/or empirical study of the following topics:

  • Access to Capital: Bridging the Funding Gap for Female Entrepreneurs
  • Policy Interventions to Promote Gender Equality in Entrepreneurship
  • Technology and Innovation as Tools for Empowering Female Entrepreneurship
  • Gender Bias and Stereotypes in Entrepreneurship
  • Building Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  • Intersectionality and Entrepreneurial Challenges
  • Mentorship and Support Networks for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Success Stories and Best Practices in Overcoming the Second Glass Ceiling
  • Cultural Influences on Women's Entrepreneurial Aspirations
  • Education and Skill Development for Women in Entrepreneurship

Accepted papers will be presented at a mini symposium in connection to the YSEALI Academy seminar at Fulbright University Viet Nam in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam on 9-10 September 2024. The papers will also be considered for publication in the Asian Development Review in 2025, following a fast-track review process by the Asian Development Bank.

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Submission Guidelines:

  • Papers should be no more than 8,000 words and clearlyoutline the research objectives, methodology, andkey findings.
  • Submissions must be original and not previously published or under review elsewhere. Submissions must include the following details:
    • Title of research
    • Name of author(s) and affiliation(s)
  • Papers should adhere to academic integrity standards and ethical guidelines.
  • All presentation formats are oral presentations.
  • Submissions should be sent via email to by the specified deadline.

Authors of selected papers should submit presentation materials by 1 September 2024 and commit to an in-person participation at the mini symposium.

Important Dates:

  • Submission paper deadline: 10 August 2024
  • Notification of acceptance of papers: 15 August 2024
  • Mini symposium dates: 9-10 September 2024

Mini Symposium Benefits:

  • Funding support of USD2,000 for travel will be provided to authors of accepted papers who are invited to present.
  • Opportunity to present research findings to an international audience of scholars, practitioners, and policymakers.
  • Networking with Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative fellows, fellow researchers and industry professionals in the field of entrepreneurship, government, technology studies and gender studies.
  • Publication opportunities in the Asian Development Review.

Contact Information:

  • For inquiries and further information, please contact
    Willem Smit – lead faculty for Entrepreneurship at YSEALI Academy (