Ha Duong Minh

Ha Duong Minh
Director of Research
French National Centre for Scientifc Research (CNRS), and Vietnam Initiative for the Energy Transition (VIET)

Hi! I am a senior scientist interested in energy, climate change, society, economics and uncertainty.

I founded the Vietnam Initiative for the Energy Transition (VIET) quasi-independent think tank in August 2018.

I founded the Clean Energy and Sustainable Development lab (CleanED) at the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) in December 2014.

I was lead author on Assessment Report 4 and 5 of the IPCC, co-awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2007.

My PhD was on integrated assessment and irreversibility of energy/climate policy. I argued that if we did not act strong and early, then by 2020 it would be too late to avoid dangerous climate change. Unfortunately I think that was right. My HDR thesis was about imprecise probabilities, especially using possibility theory for scenario-making and the Transferable Belief Model for expert opinion fusion, with applications to environmental and energy economics issues such as climatic change and carbon capture and storage...

I also worked on the social and economic aspects of carbon capture and storage. My CCS blog in French was at CaptageStockageCO2.eu (webarchived). I also used to commit prose at my homepage on CIRED website (webarchived).

Here is the short 2017 CV, a presentation in the municipal journal of Bagneux and an outdated informal summary (thanks PhD comics;). More recent activity at my LinkedIn. This list of publications is mirrored at Google Scholar (with bibliometry), on CV HAL (the institutional open archive), the RepEc page. (the disciplinary open archive) and ORCID.