Flagship Seminars in 2022

Public Policy (March 2022)

Regional Environment and Resilient Development
The seminar provides an overview of environmental challenges to Southeast Asia and how to cope with them by (and for) resilient development. With economic and policymaking perspectives, it will focus on selected environmental issues facing Southeast Asia including environmental pollution, water security, climate change, oil and gas exploration, upstream hydropower impacts and carbon intensity in exports.  

Entrepreneurship (September 2022)

Augmenting Humankind:
This seminar will discuss the breakthroughs that are targeted towards augmenting human biology, experience and lifespan, asking the ultimate question: where will these technologies take our species in the next centuries to come? Entrepreneurs whose companies are pushing the frontiers of human health and sustainability, as well as human adaptation to climate change and extraterrestrial space will share new developments in these areas.

Public Policy (December 2022)

Green Finance for Sustainable Future:
Green or environment-friendly finance is critical to a sustainable development as it provides capital for the transition to a zero-emission economy, enabling governments, organizations, firms and people to reduce high-carbon operation. The seminar will introduce various approaches, models, case studies and experiences of financing sustainable projects and livelihood around the world, with a focus on policymaking and Southeast Asian relevance.  


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