Flagship Seminars in 2021

Public Policy

Energy Economics and Policy: Two-week seminar providing an overview of mainstream and emerging energy technologies in Southeast Asia, and key macroeconomic and policy tools for analyzing and impacting these trends.

Technology and Innovation

Digital Transformation Challenges and Opportunities in Post-COVID-19: Two-week seminar providing an overview of digital transformation in Southeast Asia, with an emphasis on technology readiness, firm and consumer behavior, and regulatory aspects of fintech, e-commerce, digital finance, telecommuting/teleworking, data privacy, and cybersecurity.


Navigating the Startup Ecosystem: Two-week seminar geared towards young professionals who plan to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey. The seminar will provide comprehensive lectures, panel discussions, coaching sessions and a hackathon event, where participants have a chance to build conceptual business solutions for pressing societal problems. This seminar will unlock entrepreneurial potential that can change the world.

Admissions Calendar