Flagship Seminars in 2022

Public Policy (March 2022)

Regional Environment and Resilient Development
The seminar provides an overview of environmental challenges to Southeast Asia and how to cope with them by (and for) resilient development. With economic and policymaking perspectives, it will focus on selected environmental issues facing Southeast Asia including environmental pollution, water security, climate change, oil and gas exploration, upstream hydropower impacts and carbon intensity in exports.  

Technology and Innovation (June 2022)

The Digitization of Trust:
Everyday on the internet, we interact with technology that attempts to gain our trust and influence our decisions.  The tools of biased A.I., while promising to be trustworthy helpers, have also become powerful tools for manipulating and synthesizing media.  New tools like blockchain are promising the full and seamless automation of trust.  In this seminar, young leaders of Southeast Asia will learn how to take control of these tools to address the unique digital challenges of the region while mitigating the risks posed by the same tools.

Entrepreneurship (September 2022)

Born GlobalsScaling Startups beyond Borders:
Southeast Asia can pride itself on having more and more startups and entrepreneurial activities. Yet, scaling these startups internationally has been a challenge, partly because of the very diverse Southeast Asian home market. Learning from Born Globals can help to overcome these external obstacles. Born Globals are known for their unique startup capabilities to rapidly expand across borders: global leadership, adaptability, networking capacity, and innovative business models. If you want to be part of this movement for a more regionally and globally connected startup culture, our next Entrepreneurship Seminar is for you!

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