The Digitization of Trust: The two-week virtual seminar will engage fellows in learning and critiquing A.I. technologies that attempt to gain our trust and influence our decisions. With inspiration from world-renowned experts, fellows will learn how to maximize the benefits of these powerful technologies while mitigating the risks.

Technology and Innovation (June 2022)

The Digitization of Trust: Everyday on the internet, we interact with technology that attempts to gain our trust and influence our decisions.  The tools of biased A.I., while promising to be trustworthy helpers, have also become powerful tools for manipulating and synthesizing media.  New tools like blockchain are promising the full and seamless automation of trust.  In this seminar, young leaders of Southeast Asia will learn how to take control of these tools to address the unique digital challenges of the region while mitigating the risks posed by the same tools.


Over the course of two weeks, the fellows will learn about A.I. technologies that redefine our concept of “trust” and how they are changing our society both beneficially and negatively.  The fellows will acquire skills to critique and carefully adopt current A.I. technologies as well as the ones they will encounter in the future. The YSEALI Academy will be inviting high-profile speakers and panelists who are shaping these A.I. technologies or are in the frontlines of the societal disruptions caused by technologies.  Besides lectures, leadership skill workshops will provide the fellows useful knowledge and sharpen up their abilities in making decisions and solving dilemmas as new A.I. technologies present incredible benefits but start to disrupt their organization.  The seminar will culminate in an awards ceremony followed by the graduation of the YSEALI Academy fellows. The major topics include: 

  • Understanding the Bias of A.I. and Its Influence on Decision Making  

  • The Rise of Synthetic and Manipulated Media 

  • Blockchain and the Automation of Trust 

  • Legal Implications of A.I. Decisions

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The speakers and panelists for the 2022 Technology and Innovation seminar are well-known academics, researchers and company executives at the forefront of artificial intelligence, blockchain and synthetic media.  

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The fellows of the Digitization of Trust Seminar are rising professionals from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Brunei, and Vietnam. They all have strong backgrounds and interests in technology and innovation.

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