Frequently Asked Questions

  • Admission Requirements

    Question 1: Do I need a college/university degree to apply?

    No. You do not need to have any degree, including college or university, to apply. But you need to demonstrate your skills and experience.  

    Question 2: Do I have to graduate from any university specific major to apply?

    No. Professionals from any discipline can apply to the YSEALI Academy's seminars.

    Question 3: Are some applicants prioritized during admission?

    Generally no. The YSEALI Academy does not have any priorities for any group of applicants. However, we will try to maximize diversity in gender, country of origin, rural/urban background, age, and professional background (e.g., for-profit, non-profit, government experience). Also, all 10 ASEAN member states and Timor-Leste should be represented in the seminars. Additionally, depending on seminar topics offered, we may give attention to Fellows that are directly relevant to the goals of a particular seminar.

    Question 4: Can unsuccessful applicants in previous YSEALI Academy's seminars apply?

    Yes. You are encouraged to apply.

    Question 5. May I apply if I am a YSEALI alumnus?

    Yes. All YSEALI alumni from any programs are encouraged to apply.

    Question 6. I am not working for public sectors. Am I still eligible for the YSEALI Academy's seminars?

    Yes. The YSEALI Academy welcomes all applicants irrespective of whether they are the employees from the public or private sector,  NGO or multilateral organization. 

    Question 7. If I am over 40 years old, would I be eligible to apply for the seminars?

    The target audience for outreach and selection are young professionals from 10 ASEAN nations and Timor-Leste, between the ages of 25-40 (applicants between ages 25-35 with no previous YSEALI experience required; YSEALI alumni between ages 36-40; YSEALI alumni between ages 41-45 on a case-by-case basis).

    Question 8. If selected, do I have to pay to attend the seminar?

    No, selected candidates will be funded by the US Department of State.

    Question 9. I will still be committed to my job or other projects during the seminar. Can I both join the seminar and work in my job concurrently?

    Fellows are required to commit at least 36 hours for online seminar activities, and approximately 12 additional hours for individual and group assignments over a period of 2 weeks. The YSEALI Academy advises that fellows should arrange their schedule to join all activities in the seminar in two fully commited weeks and achieve the most from the seminar. Thus far, working during seminar time is not recommended. 


  • Application Form

    Question 10. Can I apply for more than one seminar?

    Yes. But you will have to compete with the pool of applicants for the seminar you apply for.  

    Question 11: Are application forms available in hardcopies so that I can fill in and submit directly to the YSEALI Academy?

    No. Application forms can only be submitted via the online portal. Applicants access the link and complete instructed steps. The YSEALI Academy will not accept application forms submitted directly or by post.

    Applicants can submit their online registration at

    Question 12: How important is the personal essay in the application package?

    The essay is an essential part of the application package. The essay helps Admission Board understand your motivation in joining the YSEALI Academy and evaluate applicants aspirations and prospects to contribute to society after their completion of the program. We really want to see that you are fit with both the YSEALI’s mission and the theme of the seminar. Make sure that you express your interests in the seminar’s theme and show your interests through your work experience, life experience, and education.  

  • Admission Process

    Question 14. What is the selection process?

    YSEALI Academy will work with the Department of State to select Fellows from the candidate pool, with all nominations approved by the Department of State prior to acceptance.

    Question 15: Is there a format/template of the essays or statements?

    No. There  is no template format or template for the essays/statements. 

    Question 16: Can successful applicants both attend the YSEALI Program and work full-time?

    All Fellows are required to participate in the seminar full time, so you cannot work during the time of the seminar. 

  • Other questions

    Question 17. Do I receive a recognition after I complete the seminar?

    Fellows will be awarded a certificate of completion by YSEALI Academy at FUV upon successful completion of a seminar.

    Question 18: If I am accepted into the Program this year but cannot arrange to attend the program, can I defer my results till next year's intake? 

    No, since we have different themes for the seminar series. If candidates cannot arrange to attend this years cohort, they will be excluded from shortlisted candidates. When candidates can arrange their schedule and wish to join the Program, they have to reapply and go through application steps as new candidates. 

    Question 19: Who will be the instructors in the Seminars?

    They are professors from well-known universities, leaders and experts from the industry from Indo-Pacific region and Europe with diverse experiences.  

    Question 20: In case of any queries concerning application or program information, who should be contacted?

    Applicants can contact us at our email: for further support.

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