Ha Thi Hoang, MD, PhD

Ha Thi Hoang, MD, PhD
YSEALI Academy Director

Dr. Ha Thi Hoang is the Director of the YSEALI Academy at Fulbright University Vietnam. Since the inception of the YSEALI Academy in 2020, he and his team have provided flagship executive education for over 300 young talents in ASEAN in the areas of entrepreneurship, tech & innovation and public policy. He has provided executive education to companies such as Google USA, Prudential Vietnam and Zalo Group. Ha Thi’s work lies at the intersection between life science, business and executive education. He started 4 biotech companies and consults leading tech transfer offices and innovation hubs across the US and Europe to build better enterprises. His work in biotech provided the foundation for novel drug discovery platforms at AstraZeneca.  

Before joining the YSEALI Academy, Ha Thi was a research fellow at Harvard Medical School and Flagship Pioneering, a Venture Capital company that builds world-changing biotech companies starting with revolutionary scientific ideas. Ha Thi is a board-certified physician and neuroscientist by training. He did his PhD in Neuroscience & Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge, his MD at the Free University of Berlin, and was a research scholar at Yale University and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.  

Born in Vietnam and having lived in different countries and continents, Ha Thi grasps diverse perspectives of East and West cultures, and has leveraged many international teams towards impactful goals.