The Fellows of 2023 Pulic Policy Seminar on Southeast Asia’s economic integration amid global turbulence are young professionals between the ages of 25-40, highly qualified and motivated, from all 10 ASEAN member states and Timor-Leste.

1 Brunei Female 35 Senior Superintendent of Customs Master's Government (Islamic Leadership and Governance) Public Sector
2 Cambodia Female 35 Program Manager Master's International Human Rights Law NGOs
3 Cambodia Male 36 Economist Master's Public Management and Policy Analysis Public Sector
4 Cambodia Male 34 National Climate Change M&E Adaptation Specialist Master's Natural Resource Mangement Multilateral Organizations
5 Indonesia Female 30 Assistant To The Executive Advisor To The President Of Indonesia Master's Sustainable Energy Systems Public Sector
6 Indonesia Female 32 Public Interest Lawyer Master's International Studies NGOs
7 Indonesia Female 30 Expert Staff at The House of Representative of Republic Indonesia PhD International Relations Public Sector
8 Indonesia Male 27 Facilitator Economic Master's Accountancy Multilateral Organizations
9 Indonesia Female 32 Economic Analyst (Status: Civil Servant) Master's Law Public Sector
10 Indonesia Male 26 Project Manager Bachelor's Education Public Sector
11 Lao PDR Female 28 Technical Officer of Planning and Evaluation Division Master's International Development Studies Public Sector
12 Lao PDR Male 29 Project Assistant Bachelor's Social Work Multilateral Organizations
13 Lao PDR Female 32 Officer Bachelor's Business Administration Public Sector
14 Malaysia Male 37 Special Function Officer to Senior Minister Master's Public Administration Public Sector
15 Malaysia Male 32 Regional Director of External Relations Master's International Strategy and Diplomacy NGOs
16 Myanmar Male 29 Community Development Bachelor's Civil Engineer NGOs
17 Philippines Male 25 Legislative Staff Officer IV Bachelor's Economics Public Sector
18 Philippines Male 25 Development Management Officer Master's International Relations  Public Sector
19 Philippines Female 26 Financial Analyst Bachelor's Business Public sector
20 Philippines Female 30 Division Chief of Communications and Commuter Affairs Office and Officer-in-Charge of International Cooperation Division Master's International Relations Public Sector
21 Philippines Female 25 Senior Economic Development Specialist Master's Development Studies and Public Policy Public Sector
22 Philippines Male 40 Assistant General Manager Bachelor's Economics Public Sector
23 Singapore Female 30 Senior Business Analyst Master's Business Administration Private Sector
24 Singapore Male 30 Senior Analyst Master's Strategic Studies NGOs
25 Singapore Female 32 Group Compliance, Analytics and Artificial Intelligenc Master's Economics and Policy Private Sector
26 Thailand Male 30 Trade Officer Master's Political Economy Public Sector
27 Thailand Female 36 Trade Officer Master's Business Administration Public Sector
28 Thailand Female 33 Foreign Relations Officer Master's English Language Teaching Public Sector
29 Thailand Female 26 Public Sector Development Officer Master's Business Management Public Sector
30 Timor-Leste Female 26 Business Development Senior Officer Bachelor's Accounting NGOs
31 Timor-Leste Female 34 Government Officer Master's International Relations Public Sector
32 Timor-Leste Male 29 General Doctor Bachelor's General Medicine Public Sector
33 Vietnam Male 29 Government Official Master's Treasury Management Public Sector
34 Vietnam Female 27 Research Associate Bachelor's Economics NGOs
35 Vietnam Female 27 Graduate Student Master's Public Policy Analysis NGOs