Pham Quynh Huong

Pham Quynh Huong

Quynh Huong, also known as Annie, is Communication Associate at YSEALI Academy at Fulbright University Vietnam. 

Her interest in sustainability and psychology has driven her to participate in workshops on SDGs and to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Economics at Fulbright University Vietnam. With her diverse range of experience in communication and research in both non-profit and academic sectors, Annie brings enthusiasm and professionalism to everything she does. 

Annie is a talented content creator, producing high-quality posts, images, videos, and presentations that captivate and engage YSEALI audiences. She is an adept collaborator who thrives on creating marketing strategies and objectives that resonate with diverse YSEALI audiences. Her event planning and execution skills are top-notch, and she has been instrumental in promoting YSEALI events through logistics, media promotions, and venue set-up.

Through her work at YSEALI Academy, Annie is excited to continue to grow and develop as a communicator and a person. She is dedicated to building a community of young leaders who are passionate about creating positive change in the ASEAN region and beyond.

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