Energy Economics and Policy Seminar at YSEALI Academy: A Deep Dive into the Curriculum
May 04, 2021

Energy Economics and Policy Seminar at YSEALI Academy: A Deep Dive into the Curriculum

May 04, 2021

The inaugural Public Policy Seminar on Energy Economics and Policy, organized by YSEALI Academy at Fulbright University, will take place virtually from July 05-16, 2021. YSEALI Academy is still receiving applications until May 15, 2021.

The Energy Economics and Policy Seminar is the first of a series of three virtual seminars hosted by YSEALI Academy in 2021 to address challenging issues facing the region such as energy economics and policy, contemporary cybersecurity challenges and opportunities, and fundamentals of startup investing in Southeast Asia. The Energy Economics and Policy Seminar is an opportunity for Fellows to enhance their knowledge and awareness of emerging trends and issues in energy development, both in the world and Southeast Asia. Fellows also have a chance of sharpening their leadership and communication skills through various activities in two weeks.

While YSEALI Academy cannot offer a face-to-face experience in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Academy still ensures that the Seminar will still be a great place for Fellows to build relations and network with scholars, industrial experts, and other peer professionals. The two weeks of intensive learning, discussing, practicing, and networking will provide significant benefits for Fellows in terms of not only expanding knowledge but also enriching mindset and experience, raising awareness of serving the Southeast Asian public through energy development.

The Curriculum: A Deep Dive

The Energy Economics and Policy Seminar is an opportunity for Fellows to learn about some of today’s most important and complex issues from leading experts through thought-provoking panels, engaging keynote discussions and exciting experiential elements. By integrating those diverse activities, we hope to overcome the challenges of a virtual event and create a synergetic dynamic to achieve the objectives of the Seminar – identifying mainstream and emerging energy technologies in Southeast Asia and adopting key macroeconomic and policy tools for analyzing and impacting these trends.

The Seminar will be divided into three sections – fundamentals of energy, energy economics and policy, and leadership and teamwork. The first section will provide a background of energy knowledge to get all the participants on the same page. The themes will include Introduction to Energy Economics; Energy Use and Conservation; Market Power, Market Structure, Pricing and Regulation of Energy.

The second section will feature major issues of and approaches to energy management using economics and public policy tools. Fellows will have the opportunities to discuss major topics, such as Renewable and nonrenewable energy consumption, economic growth, and emissions; Clean energy and environment in Southeast Asia; Geopolitical risks and renewable energy consumption; Offshore Wind Energy; Traditional, Clean, and Renewable Energy: Alternatives, Transition or Synergy.

Especially for this special Seminar, Fellows will have the opportunity to gain insights from some examples of Vietnam, which will be discussed as a typical case that embraces common issues of Southeast Asian energy development, including diverse sources of energy (coal, oil, gas, hydro, solar and wind), transition to renewable power, and the tension between energy and environment. This is one of the most unique factors of the Seminar as it is the first event in the region that can synergize those dynamics to offer precious values to our Fellows, making it the flagship Seminar of YSEALI Academy.

In the last section – Leadership and Teamwork – Fellows will have to participate in team projects. Participants from at least two nations will work in a team and deliver a presentation on issues relevant to the Seminar theme e.g., fossil fuel, solar power, hydro power, energy conservation, business perspectives, public reaction to controversial projects. Comparative and cross-nation analysis and views are appreciated in these team projects which are expected to add practical, diverse, bottom-up and updated examples and perspectives of Southeast Asia to the Seminar.

Additionally, the leadership skill workshop will offer a special opportunity to harness fellow’s leadership competencies through two sessions. The first session will focus on communicating persuasively with impact because the Academy believes that good leaders must be good communicators.  Articulating views clearly, persuasively, and inspirationally is very important for anyone in a leadership position. The second session will elaborate on how to lead and manage teams. No leader can work alone; every good leader needs to have a team and a team that works well together. After the two sessions, the Fellows can practice what they learn in the teamwork session to prepare for the team project as well as other activities of the Seminar.

What should Fellows expect from this Seminar?

Joining this flagship Seminar, Fellows are expected to commit at least 36 hours for online Seminar activities and approximately 12 additional hours for homework in 2 weeks. Therefore, participants are recommended to take two working weeks off their ordinary work duties or other commitments to participate efficiently in and achieve the most from the Seminar.

However, the YSEALI Academy believes that this Seminar will be a starting point for a long journey of collaboration among the Fellows, with YSEALI Academy as a coordinator, to further public benefits in Southeast Asia in energy development and other public sectors.

“There are many positive skills and valuable experiences that our speakers bring to the Energy Economics and Policy Seminar. As our Fellows may create policies and recommendations to tackle these grand challenges of unprecedented magnitude, we want them to have first-hand knowledge from experts coming from both academics and private business – by meeting them, hearing from them, and studying them,” shared Dr. Le Vu Quan, Director of the YSEALI Academy at Fulbright University Vietnam.

Huynh Trung Dung

Public Policy Faculty

YSEALI Academy, Fulbright University Vietnam

About the Energy Economics and Policy Seminar

The Seminar will be offered by affiliate faculty from Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management, practitioners from the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Fulbright, Harvard Kennedy School, international and regional scholars, and industry experts to develop and deliver learning materials and activities that are academically rigorous and yet practical to young professionals in ASEAN.

The Public Policy Seminar on Energy Economics and Policy will be open to 25 YSEALI Fellows who are young professionals, aged 25-40, with experience in the energy sector. Once selected, all participants will be fully funded by the U.S. Department of State. Participants will be required to commit at least 36 hours for online Seminar activities and approximately 12 additional hours for individual and group assignments over a period of 2 weeks. Some sessions will be offered during working hours.

Seminar schedule:

  • Enrollment: April 15–May 15, 2021
  • Participant selection announced: June 07, 2021.
  • Seminar dates: July 05–16, 2021 (two weeks, ten working days, Monday – Friday)

To find out more about the Seminar details:

To apply:


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