Day 2 of 2023 YSEALI Academy Public Policy Seminar

Day 2 of 2023 YSEALI Academy Public Policy Seminar

On January 10, 2023, our awesome fellows began their second day at the seminar with virtual lectures from Harvard Kennedy School Professor Edward A. Cunningham.

Lecture 3: "Global Energy Outlook and Risks: Implications for SE Asia"

Lecture 4: "US-China Decoupling? Not Yet: Analysis and Implications"
The professor used numerous detailed examples and dynamic data visualizations to accurately capture the energy transition situation in South East Asia in a global context.
The lecture addressed the fellows' burning questions and discussions on the region's diversification of energy and sustainable power business, as well as strategic policies to look at energy transition in localized and national markets as potential opportunities.
In his second lecture on Day 2 morning, Professor Cunningham spoke about US-China trade relations, highlighting the following points. Only targeted technological decoupling is known: internal Chinese tensions are more important than bilateral ones. Domestic industrial policy must be prioritized. The fellows were provoked to join in the heated conversation on how to deal with rising supply risk, competition, and selective protectionism.
Lecture 5: The Geopolitics of SEA by Professor Carlyle A. Thayer
Professor Thayer demonstrated his significant experience in economic research in a two-part lecture, with the first part on Day 2 focusing on the region ASEAN itself, beginning with a historical approach and concluding with some highlights of the region's current geopolitical issues.
The aim of this lecture is to provide fellows with foundational knowledge about South East Asia's colonial history, the development of ASEAN with innovative changes, and an analysis of domestic differences among its members.
Lecture 6: The political economy of economic integration: the case of Vietnam by Professor Vu Thanh Tu Anh
Dr. Vu Thanh Tu Anh, with his ten-year experience as the director of research at the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program, shared a rich and insightful presentation on the historical and political aspects of Vietnam's economy.
The lecture examined Vietnam's economic history in relation to its political and historical context, aiming to introduce to the new young leader generation not only Vietnam's position in international economic integration but also the political economy behind that for further adaptation of their countries.
Leadership 2: The Challenge of Change by Professor Maury Peiperl
As the first decade of the new century draws to a close amid some of the most turbulent economic and political times in memory, change management has become inevitable and very much in the forefront of the business world's agenda.
In this second leadership workshop on change and its challenges, Professor Maury Peiperl began the session with a jazz song and its backstory about how colonized artists change cross-cultural interactions. Then he went on to identify what kinds of changes organizations pursue, what it means to “manage” those changes, and finally introduced the issues of when to change, how to enable change, and reactions to change.
The fellows’ sharings on their personal change progress revealed the session's main takeaways:
- Leadership requires adaptability.
- Open-minded leaders must challenge convention, communicate a compelling vision, and form coalitions.
- The stakeholder grid can be used to understand stakeholders’ impacts on the process of business change.
Thus, Professor Maury concluded the framework and course began and ended with an appreciation of the challenges of managing change.

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