Energy Economics and Policy Seminar: Day 5 Recap
July 09, 2021

Energy Economics and Policy Seminar: Day 5 Recap

July 09, 2021

Moving forward to Day 5, Fellows are now halfway through the Energy Economics and Policy Seminar.

They started off the day with their first panel discussion about “Traditional, Clean, and Renewable Energy: Alternatives, Transition or Synergy”. This is an opportunity for Fellows to learn about today’s most important and complex issues from leading experts through thought-provoking panels and engaging discussions.

The list of speakers includes:

- Dr. Hugh “Huy” Sykes (Former President & Country Manager of Mubadala Petroleum in Vietnam)

- Mr. Bernard Casey (Development Director, Mainstream Renewable Power, Vietnam)

- Mr. Luu Hoang Ha (Founder and Chairman, Nami Energy)

- Dr. Thanh Pham (Vietnam Country Manager, Wartsilla Corporation)

- Ms. Bui Thi Hong Van (Managing Director, Angelin Energy)

- Dr. Le Viet Phu (Fulbright University Vietnam)

In the evening, Dr. Le Thai Ha (Director of Research, Fulbright University Vietnam) together with Dr. Youngho Chang (Associate Professor and Head of Business and Management Minors, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore) led Lecture 5 “Renewable and nonrenewable energy consumption, economic growth, and emissions”

In addition, Malaysian participants received the spotlight today during break time for introducing their country and some cultural values.

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